Operations Lead

Biko Sewe

Biko (he/his) is a microbiologist and a multi-skilled project management professional with a stellar track record of managing complex functional projects in various environments. He has worked as a project manager at Hesich Africa, where he was recognized for creating a successful organisational framework for the firm. He was also acknowledged for the creation of work breakdown structure approach for companies like Sketchers design promoters and Fiziku ltd where he worked as project and financial analyst. He likes challenging and diverse roles and is confident working with technical experts from any industry. A life-long science lover and advocate, Biko completed a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Microbiology and Diploma in project management. At Under the Microscope, Biko combines his project management skills with his lifelong interest in the sciences towards empowering key stakeholders in advancing science. Develop and organize initiatives aimed at facilitating progression and development of science literacy and it’s accessibility in African countries.

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