Binti Maji and the Ocean

Bintimaji and the Ocean is a story of a young girl who loves the ocean and is devastated by the high rate of pollution by the local residents. Bintimaji joins her new sea friends in a quest to save the once healthy oceans. Bintimaji in swahili means ‘Daughter of the Ocean’. Under the Microscope partnered with InkSpace bureau to produce an animation that aims to create awareness of plastic ocean pollution, how coastal communities are impacted and the role of the youth in protecting the oceans. This is a pilot project , we aim to complete this short film to a movie.
Inkspace bureau is a collaborative startup of creatives who intend to disrupt and explore alternate expressions of digital and traditional art forms.

Target Audience: General audience, special focus on children
Setting: Stop Motion
Topic: Ocean health, Plastic Pollution, Youth

Official Selection
Accra Animation Film Festival

Official Selection
Encounters Film Festival Bristol

Official Selection
Under Our Skin Film Festival