Science Café by Global Lab Network

It is a knowledge exchange and networking platform which enables scientists and innovators to share their work with lay audiences in an informal setting, one of their activities is a science café.


Set up in 2014 with the sole purpose of building capacity in STEM through public engagement and outreach activities such as science teachers award scheme, science and arts workshops, science bar camps and STEM camps.

Practical Education Network (PEN)

PEN improves learning outcomes by building teacher capacity. The teacher training program PEN provides is infused with MIT-style, learning-by-doing to enable hands-on science regardless of resource constraints. PEN offers a series of workshops where West African STEM teachers learn, design, and share hands-on activities which complement the national curriculum and are created from low-cost and locally available materials.

The Exploratory

Empower educators and inspire students to be curious, courageous and community-minded, by making their experience of STEM relevant, joyful, collaborative and equitable; use Exploratory toolkits and Hubs.


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