Young Engineers Kenya

Provides an engaging, hands-on learning platform. The educational goals are achieved by using LEGO® and K’nex® assembly kits uniquely designed by their staff.

In Lab by Global Minimum Inc ( Gmin)

Providing marginalized youth with hands-on learning activities in design thinking, communication and creative thinking through STEM, while fostering a growth mindset and culture of problem-solving.

Super Sema

Super Sema animation series leverages the intersection of technology and entertainment to advance the learning of millions of children, starting with literacy in Africa.

Funkie Science

A platform that seeks to make learning science fun and enjoyable to school children. Funke provides science sessions and kits that help children who want to advance their scientific skills by making practical learning solutions fun, affordable and accessible.

Travelling Telescope

Provides a science exploration platform for kids. To enhance STEM learning through hands-on activities they showcase environmental and health issues in a different, entertaining and leisurely way.

Little Einsteins East Africa

A social enterprise dedicated to promoting science and technology using astronomy and astrophysics tools and concepts, encourage imagination and exploration through the stars and planets.

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