Strategic Plan


Our Planet. Our Health

Environmental and Climate Emergency

Our goal is optimizing the health of people, animals and the environment. We plan to highlight issues in these areas and disseminate knowledge on how science can inform and be used as a tool to innovate a better, healthier and sustainable planet.
Through citizen science projects we aim to: –

  • Educate the public on key environmental issues such as plastic and air pollution, climate change, ocean health, biodiversity loss
  • Advocate for the right to a healthy environment for all.
  • Create awareness of communicable and non-communicable diseases.

STEM Infrastructure

Laboratories + Teachers Capacity Building

By investing in infrastructures that support equitable STEM learning across settings, we
strive to reduce inequalities such as access to learning resources.
We aim to improve quality of STEM education through:

  • Construction of STEM infrastructures in schools.
  • Capacity building programs amongst STEM educators.
  • Setting up Community Learning Hubs.

Women and Girls in STEM

Mentorship Network

  • Capacity building amongst Women and Girls in STEM mentorship programs in Africa, especially in vulnerable and marginalized communities.
  • Promote and strengthen programs/ initiatives that advocate for gender equity in
    Science, Technology and Innovation
  • Through science, influence social practices that hinder girl’s education; entry and retainment in STEM careers.
  • Highlight African women pioneering in STEM fields.

Creatives for Science

Science + Arts + Culture

Arts and culture can be powerful tools used to advance science. Science and innovation
does not occur in silos rather within a society, therefore an integrated science and
society system is vital.
Creatives for Science is a community by UtM that comprises artists and cultural
practitioners who work towards advancing STEAM; an educational approach to
learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as
access points for guiding a person’s inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.
Through this community , we aim to:-

  • Encouraging use of the arts to communicate science.
  • Promote public science engagement through a range of artistic and cultural
  • Nurture collaborations between scientists and artists.
  • Provide capacity building programs for young artists and cultural practitioners


  • Reduce STEM inequalities through Gender -Responsive Education and investing in
    STEM infrastructure
  • Promote citizen science initiatives with a focus on Health, Environment and Education. Advance science through citizen science.
  • Provide data to influence policies in education, research and development to ones that are evidence-based.
  • Foster Arts-Culture based approach to science education, communication and
  • Build knowledge-based and driven communities
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