Our Approach

We use a four-pronged approach.


‘Knowledge is like a garden; if not cultivated it cannot be harvested’.
African proverb

We develop educational resources and platforms where the public can engage with scientists. Our work supports community educational projects geared towards strengthening the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learning ecosystem.
In this way we aim to enhance availability of scientific knowledge resources to African communities and help put in place a holistically-based education system.


‘The death of an elderly man is like a burning library’.  Ivorian proverb

Our mentorship platforms and programs reinforce Science and Innovation readiness amongst young people. Because of the major systemic gender inequalities in Science, Technology and Innovation our work has a keen focus on fostering mentorship amongst women and girls.
By supporting both the ecosystem in which ideas are generated, and the individuals who generate them, we encourage solutions that tackle our current and future needs.


‘One finger does not kill a head louse’. Swahili Proverb

To accelerate science and innovation we tap into the power of communities. We place great value on social networks and create platforms to catalyze exchange of knowledge, experiences and resources within communities. We promote co-creation and collaboration across different programs in Africa and in the African diaspora alike.See our always growing list of diverse communities advancing science and innovation in Africa.


‘When one begs for water, it does not quench the thirst.’ Ugandan proverb

Africa is mainly perceived as a global consumer of innovation rather than a contributor; we strive to shift this narrative and support an Africa-led Science. Integrate novel ways to build knowledge based- and innovation-led African communities.Nurture sustainable homegrown solutions for the issues we care about. We provide insights in under-researched areas to inform processes, systems and policies and support a thriving innovation space.

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