Our Organization


Making Science and Innovation in Africa a shared resource for prosperity


Nurture an African Science and Innovation landscape with and for society.

UtM was established in 2018  and since our beginnings our focus has shifted from being solely a science education platform to promoting science engagement and communication. Through science education, outreach and social engagement we strive to build environments that will nurture research and development in Africa; and drive innovative and sustainable solutions to planetary and societal challenges. UtM envisages changing the narrative of Africa as a passive consumer of global innovation, to Africa as a producer and contributor of global innovation.

Our Values

  • Access for all

    We believe in a democratic science. We value all contributions and leverage talent and insights from all.

  • Equity

    We believe in equal opportunity for all, regardless of age, socio-economic status, ethnicity or ability.

  • Data Driven

    Nurture communities and governance that make data driven decisions to promote meaningful action.

  • Ubuntu

    Ubuntu - ‘ I am what I am because of who we all are.’ Zulu phrase. Connections, communities, humanity is our backbone; we promote science with and for society

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